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No 'Tabula Rasa' For Me
Published on October 3, 2007 By iTZKooPA In PC Gaming
Well I picked up The Orange Box pre-order last week while I was waiting for paint to dry. Okay actually it was the floor stain but really, its the same thing. Floors came out great though! Anyways my point is that I have decided to make a Gamers group (which is by no means officially supported by TG or Stardock) as a way to get some more interaction between us. If anyone wants to join up the group is public and is called ' Gamers' with the link to the group here. As I just made the group positions for offices and the likes are open although who knows how serious/large the group will become. Hey at least it may help some people get that “Play with 8 friends" achievement.

On a completely unrelated note due to my house still needing plenty of work I have decided against buying Tabula Rasa largely in part of the time I would have to play which I can't spare right now. I was actually excited when I found out about TR's delay the other day, hoping that it was something like Q2 2008 instead of just a few weeks. Reason being is that if it was delayed long enough I would hopefully have had time to play it at that point. Unfortunately I just don't really want to join an MMO after it has already been running for so long even though I enjoyed the title immensely during my alpha/beta playtime. Its something to do with wanting to be in at the ground floor of things. Regardless because of the decision to skip out on TR I was originally going to get Enemy Territory: Quake Wars after enjoying the demo but decided against that due to the overall value of The Orange Box (I refused to buy Half-Life 2 back in the day because of all the problems with Steam and their friends lists etc, but they've fixed everything I whined about, so I will be playing all the games in the box) and my love of the original Team Fortress. Which, as I have stated before, I was a big Quaker back in the day.

But of course its all for naught since its not like I will be saving any money or something by not purchasing games. This Q4 is just to intense on all fronts, PC, console and hand-helds, so I will most likely be broke and giving my games to other people as presents because I spent all my money on them. Thank god that I have gotten most of my family into gaming in some capacity and that my girlfriend is a gamer as well.

on Oct 03, 2007
It says it's an invite-only group.
on Oct 03, 2007
SOB, I am so stupid. Lemme see if I can remake the group.
on Oct 03, 2007
Ok recreated.