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Bill Murray Breaks His Rule As Vivendi Picks Up Game Rights
Published on November 15, 2007 By iTZKooPA In Game News
Rumors of a Ghostbusters inspired game have finally been confirmed thanks to Variety and the upcoming issue of Game Informer. Although the title has been long rumored and even shown in prototype form by Zootfly, the project has now fallen into the hands of Vivendi Games with the title heading to the PC, PS2, DS and current-generation consoles. The title is currently set for a Fall 2008 release with Terminal Reality developing the console and PC editions while Red Fly Studios handles the DS title.

The new game will be a direct sequel to the existing franchise, making it the third installation, and written by the same pair whom created the movies, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. Bill Murray has reportedly signed on for the project despite his personal rule of never doing the third of something.
on Nov 15, 2007
Yeah, but it's the first game Bill's worked on for the franchise, so it doesn't really count.