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March 17, 2009 by iTZKooPA
In an effort to once again catch up my reviewing to my gameplay, I need to push out a collectiong of these quick reviews.  Most of these titles are being glossed over - rather than my normal, more in-depth reviews - for any number of reasons.  Be it time constraints, the title's age, their quality and mostly, because I want to do a 2008 Year In Review piece before the end of the first quarter!  First up on my list comes a trio of titles not even released in 2008, but ones I finish...
January 13, 2009 by iTZKooPA
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War
Writer's Note: This review was originally started in June 2008, hence the timing inconsistencies.  See below for more.

Wow, should I have played this one sooner.  I have been playing RTSs since I got a computer back at the end of 8th grade, spent my own hard-earned money on it too.  Back then the new hotness was the Command & Conquer series, which I REALLY got into with the release of Command & Conquer Red Alert.  Westwood was shutdow...
November 11, 2007 by iTZKooPA
Lets see, so Fallout from Black Isle Studio and publisher Interplay was released way back in 1997. I think that it now holds the new record of “Oldest Game I Just Finished." That's right folks, a person who plays games as much as me has just recently finished what is considered one of the greatest RPGs of all time. Now its not without reason that I missed Fallout upon its release. You see I was still completely consumed by RTSs at that time, specifically another title that is set in an alte...
October 3, 2007 by iTZKooPA
Well I picked up The Orange Box pre-order last week while I was waiting for paint to dry. Okay actually it was the floor stain but really, its the same thing. Floors came out great though! Anyways my point is that I have decided to make a Gamers group (which is by no means officially supported by TG or Stardock) as a way to get some more interaction between us. If anyone wants to join up the group is public and is called ' Gamers' with the link to the group her...
July 30, 2007 by iTZKooPA
Get this, I actually finished a game that came out in the last year, this one I didn't even buy! No, I didn't pirate it, well, okay I guess in a way I bought the game, it came with my 8800 GTS that I got a few months ago and after finishing F.E.A.R.: Extraction Point I figured I might as well take down Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. I have followed the Might and Magic franchise for years, in fact some random number of HoMM was one of the first game I played on the PC and I even created a lit...
June 11, 2007 by iTZKooPA
I have finally managed to finish F.E.A.R.: Extraction Point after picking it up from target some months ago for $20. I love when I catch those target sales and they have a solid game up for a such a great price. The deal wasn't as good as when I got Titan Quest for $20 since that was a full game and not an expansion but I can't complain. The not-as-badly-named expansion pack was the first FPS I have played since finishing the original when it came out and since I never reviewed it I might as wel...
March 24, 2006 by iTZKooPA
Update: Another user has received the following response from the team:


I am only going to state this once... get it to your "team".

We at did not create our petition to stop development or inclusion of StarForce. We do not condone the invasive procedures used by StarForce, but that was never our intent, and WILL never become our intent. Please stop sending these emails to us. They fall on ears that are not interested in hearing th...
September 21, 2005 by iTZKooPA
I have asked this question in a few different places and have yet to find a good answer. Has anyone ever come across a site that had a collection of game endings, as in the final movie or storyline. I really hate some games were you have to go beat the game again to get a final endings or beat it a certain way or achieve this or that because most people over say 18 don't have that kinda time (for more than a game or two that is).If not would you guys be at all interested in a site like that?
August 2, 2005 by iTZKooPA
I finally got my girlfriend to move into the other room so now we can both play computer games at the sametime (she used to complain that I clicked very loud) and in the first week or so since this happened I have obviously been playing games alot more. Check out all the nice loot I was able to get my hands on!

First I snagged:
Grabbed all my enchating mats I had left and got me the +15agil on it!

Then I took the time to grab/buy/farm for the...
July 7, 2005 by iTZKooPA
For those MMO players out there, especially the hardcore ones, you may have heard of the so called "farmers." Players who simply play the game to get items/gold to sell for profit. has a pretty in-depth article on the topic including interviews with the people, and some information on just how much these virtual sweatshops can pull in, 6-7 figures!
April 4, 2005 by iTZKooPA
Once again the gaming community abuses the right to do whatever they want on April 1st with numerous developers, publishers and news sites creating their own fools.

Blizzard fired up their April Fool's jokes as usual only this time they decided to take a shot at a fellow MMORPG, Everquest 2. As many of us probably remember (and use) the introduction of the /pizza command in Everquest 2 which would bring up a webpage for you to order pizza. Blizzard instead has the user ordering chinese f...