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BioShock Rocks Early On; A Full-fledged Wii Tennis Coming!
Published on August 22, 2007 By iTZKooPA In Gaming
Well first things first. After struggling just a little to get BioShock working on my computer correctly, kept pretending it was in 'windowed mode' when it wasn't, I managed to get about 30minutes of play time in before I had to return to working on my house. Obviously a very early impression of the game but I like what I am seeing. The overall art direction reminds me A LOT of the Fallout series, not that that is a bad thing by any means. I still need to finish up Dead Rising before I really want to jump into this, otherwise I may not return to DR. Hopefully I can figure a way around the time issue I am having in DR at the moment...

Next up is the amazing news that someone has FINALLY announced a full-fledged Tennis game for the Nintendo Wii, sporting the same control scheme that I thought up. I have been asking for this for quite some time and it seems that 2k Sports heard my cry and will deliver a Tennis game complete with a Nunchuck movement and ball positioning control scheme. The game is NOT a port of any kind and is being designed around the Wii capabilities, sporting 4-player Tennis and a pack of mini-games. I just wish there was also something in there about Online play, but it seems that Nintendo is still holding back on their Online-based SDKs. Hit the link for more info.

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