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Although that means the blog will get less attention :(
Published on December 12, 2007 By iTZKooPA In Gaming
For the past few months I have been pretty good about updating this blog weekly but things will probably change due to a new position I recently accepted. In early December I was contacted with an opportunity to work with as an all around writer including feature articles, reviews and news. I accepted the job after looking at the site more in-depth and realizing that it is the kind of place I would want my work. Unfortunatley I won't be posting PC-based news for them since that would conflict with my dealings at but it lets me do some console stuff again. I tell you all of this as an excuse to why my productivity for the blog has dropped in recent weeks. But fear not for I will still be posting here with offbeat reviews and oddball discussions on the industry, heck you may even see some of the reviews from this very blog re-written and posted on's Retro area.

For anyone interested in I have already written two articles for that have been posted. My first article was largely based on my strategy and escapades in obtaining a Nintendo Wiis for family members, Guide to Grabbing a Wii. My second article on the surprising Activision-Blizzard merger was just published yesterday, Everything There is to Know About Activision, Sierra, Blizzard and the Merger. In it I look back at the history of the companies involved, reasons for the merger and estimate what I expect to and hope to see in the future. That was the longest article I have written since my “Cheating in Video Games" piece from June 2005, which I posted here in 2006.

Since manages to review a lot of console titles in a timely fashion I will probably be focusing on PC releases for them. What this means for any of my oh so dedicated blog readers (hi mom) is that this area may fill up with more and more console and handheld coverage. If this upsets anyone then you can always just head over to my staff page and check out my work there. Aside from that if I don't manage to get anything original done for the blog I plan to at least give some insights into the articles I have posted elsewhere. My feelings is that these behind the scenes, candid thoughts on my articles maybe of some us to hopeful game writers, or just plan interesting to other people. And just to keep you spamming F5 on my blog, I should have a Dead Rising review by the year's end, I swear it'll be worth the read even though the game came out in August 2006.

Also any Portal fans should definitley check out this lil' flash page from, Still Alive. There is also a Mario paradoy as well and even though that version is just lyrics, it is pretty funny, Still Annoyed.

on Dec 12, 2007