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Why am I such an idiot?
Published on March 14, 2008 By iTZKooPA In Entertainment

As many of you have heard the HD-format war is in fact dead.  Toshiba announced in late February that they would cease development of HDDVD drives and players after every single movie studio went exclusive to BluRay aside from Universal.  To be honest I did not think that HDDVD had much chance against BluRay.  Although I believe, as a consumer, that HDDVD is the better option, due to its low cost and backwards compatibility, I knew that Toshiba beating Sony was unlikely.  In fact, when the war went official after a unified format was canned I only saw Toshiba winning if A) the PlayStation 3 was a huge flop, Toshiba introduced the players at a very low cost (at a lose to them like console manufacturers do) and kept the price of movies low or C) some combination of A and B.

Niether of these things happened despite what some may say.  So, after losing their last two of three exclusive supporters Toshiba bailed on their format, which will reportedly cost them $1 billion.  Sucks for them, sucks more for the people who supported them though, and then there are the dumbs ones, like me, who continue to support them. 

Since Toshiba abandoned the format I have bought about 10 movies, simply because they are so dirt cheap now.  A lot of them I have never seen, and seeing as they are about the price of a DVD (or cheapier) I figured "why the hell not."  I even bought some stuff I already had including The Matrix and The Bourne Trilogy just for the sake of having it in HD.  My thoughts behind those moves are that the HD content will never be cheapier than it is right now and I already have the damn player.

Speaking of, I may even invest in ANOTHER player, because they are so cheap, and use it if my current one dies or something like that.  For those of you who think there is some sanity in purchasing this crap still, hit up for some really good deals.  The rest of you should just shed a tear for us, as we lost the format war, possibly our second.

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