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Really, this is pretty much a rant
Published on May 1, 2008 By iTZKooPA In Console Games

HD-DVD stuff...again

So remember the other week when I was ranting about HD-DVD and how I am still buying the dead technology? Well, I just bought more of it actually.  And not some rock bottom HD-DVD either, but another drive.  I figured at $30+shipping, a PC/Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive is a STEAL.  It will likely sit in its box for many years to come, but if needed I can use it for a backup player, if my Toshiba ever dies, or to backup the movies to my computer, assuming I ever get enough harddrive space to do so.  For those interested, the deal is over at, but they are already out of stock.

Now to just grab the rest of the movies I really want in HD-DVD including I am Legend, Bourne Trilogy, Harry Potter boxset, Pan's Labyrinth, Batman Begins (already own the DVD...), V for Vendetta, The Departed, and Justice League - The New Frontier.

Early look at new games

I grabbed Mario Kart Wii and Grand Theft Auto IV (Xbox360) on their respected release dates.  The early previews from me are good, both titles are better than their predecessor, especially Mario Kart Wii.  Thankfully the brains over at Nintendo realized how AWESOME Mario Karts DS was and just applied that formula to Mario Kart Wii.  GTAIV on the other hand didn't progress in every facet.  Yes it is still loaded with violence and sex, yes it is still and awesome sandbox game, easily one of the best of the year so far but not everything is bigger and better than GTAIII, or any one of its sub-sequels.  From what I can gather from the first few hours of play, the landmass is smaller, and the missions are pretty much the same, "This guy pissed me off, go scare/beat/maim/kill him."

Writing update

Since my last posting I have done some more articles for my respected employers.  There is the constant flux of World of Warcraft (yes I play again) information over at News.  Oh, and be sure to check out their WoW-inspired comic, Shakes & Fidget, it is very well done.  Next up is my work with including a horde of news posts but also my experiences with the Red Ring of Death and a review of the Wii launch title, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz.  That review was actually going to go here, but then I noticed they didn't have it and tweaked it a bit for posting there.  I have also sent in a few things for posting at but my editor hasn't got around to posting them yet.  One is a humor/list piece (everyone loves lists) and the other is a review of a new Wii game.  And of course there is always my news posts with

I plan on tackling the topic of Retro Gaming and collector in a series of articles for starting either this week or next week.  It is going to be an expensive series for me, especially the hardware part, so I am trying to get some of the clone systems donated.  If anyone could help out there, contacts, donations of the machines themselves, anything, I and would be greatly appreciated.  Anyone interested in retro gaming should definitely check them out, the articles will run the gauntlet of guides, reviews (hardware and software) to interviews.

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