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Published on April 4, 2005 By iTZKooPA In PC Gaming
Once again the gaming community abuses the right to do whatever they want on April 1st with numerous developers, publishers and news sites creating their own fools.

Blizzard fired up their April Fool's jokes as usual only this time they decided to take a shot at a fellow MMORPG, Everquest 2. As many of us probably remember (and use) the introduction of the /pizza command in Everquest 2 which would bring up a webpage for you to order pizza. Blizzard instead has the user ordering chinese food with the /panda command, see link for full prank.

Next up was the announcement of Unreal 3: Slug Saga - The Adventures of Ne'ban, which was even posted as "news" on Slashdot. Unfortunatley for them it wasn't news as the subtitle would cleary hint at. The further description of the game claims that you will play as Ne'ban, a giant slug, across "60 unique and laggy alien worlds." Throw out your video cards cause they won't matter for this one.

Feel free to follow-up with any others you guys may have seen...

World of Warcraft "/panda"

Unreal 3

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