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Published on April 20, 2005 By iTZKooPA In WoW
So it has been roughly 5 months since WoW launched (I can't believe that but thats what the computer is telling me) and I was wondering how many of us are still playing on a frequant basis. I have never really stopped playing the game through the whole 5 months and have concentrated on one character who I have gotten up to 53 atm. Currently I am in arguably the best alliance guild on the Magtheridon server (All That Remains) and have been with them since the beginning. Although I still play I am certainly LESS compelled to play, WoW is no longer my caffeine but just something to kill time with. And with all the ganking going to certainly happen for like the next month straight (due to the new honor system) I will probably either get sucked in again or pushed out more. What about you guys/gals?
on Apr 20, 2005
Well, I only started playing WoW a few weeks ago, so I'm still hooked myself. I play my Alliance character on the Dalaran server and last night a bunch of Horde players laid waste to Astranaar. About two dozen of them - all uber-high level - stormed in and killed every NPC and PvP tagged Alliance member in there (there's just no way a handful of level 54+ people are going to withstand the mass beating of over a dozen Horde PCs).

Of course, Astranaar doesn't have many guards and they're not super-high level either, but if this Horde group had pushed on to Darnasses, they could have done the same to the Elven capital. If this sort of thing becomes regular it will give high-level characters something new to do, since all-out wars practically become possible (more than just a Raid). Of course, for us lower level folk, it's an inconvienence to have NPCs slain, so more higher level guards may be in order too.

on Apr 20, 2005
Personally I think they need the slain NPCs to stay dead LONGER. Theres really no point to defending anything if everything is ressed in 5minutes. I was quite mad when I saw they made AH and Bankers come back quicker AFTER making them even more difficult to kill. The converse is why raid if everything comes back to life so quickly?

My guild has raided on Thrall a few times, its been alot of fun but we haven't gotten him lower than 50%, there are a few good Horde guilds that put a stop to us (along with all the guards that spawn) eventually. Darnassus would be very hard to raid, specially with the teleporter slowing things down.
on Apr 20, 2005
well...i moved on to Everquest 2 quite awhile back....and to be honest, I do not regret it. WoW was a great and fun game....but to me....EQ2 is better (all in my own opinion, of course)....
on Apr 20, 2005
I only just got this 3 days ago. So far, I love it. Then again, EQ2 was awesome for 20 levels too, then it became a soul-crushing bore, so... I reserve final judgement till lvl 25.
on Apr 21, 2005
I'm level 27 now with my Elf Druid character and things have slowed down, but that's mainly because at that point you have to do more stuff in groups to complete quests. Still, there's a ton of things I haven't done or seen yet either.
on Apr 21, 2005
Just hit lvl 49 last night after a second run of Maraudon (instance in Desolace). The game is still a ton of fun, but yes, the pace of advancement has slowed significantly. I'm at the point now where I HAVE to group to complete quests (most are either elite or dungeon quests), but I play with an outstanding bunch of people so it's still fun.

I play at my own pace. Hence I'm only lvl 49 after playing since launch day, that way I don't get burned out.
on Apr 22, 2005
Just hit lvl 30 last night, and I'm still lovin' it! Today is actually the first monthly charge for me... used up the 10-day trial, 2 extra days they gave us, and free month. During that time, I pretty much played WoW exclusively, daily, which is amazing considering I usually jump from game to game every couple days! I got Devil May Cry 3 shortly after starting WoW... have barely touched it. The only time I played anything else was 1 skirmish of Dawn of War when the servers were down. I guess I haven't even touched my Xbox or PS2 in a month now... wow!
on Apr 29, 2005
Looks like I wasn't the only person to recap WoW after five months. Article
on May 01, 2005
I'm still at level 39. I'm a little stalled on the game right now. I'm just getting tired of the same old thing.
on May 02, 2005
I'm close to level 32 and it's still entertaining, but annoying that it now takes a group to get anything done. (As I'm anti-social, you can see how this is a problem for me. And no, we won't get into why I'm playing a MMOG. )

However, my Horde character is now level 14 and I'm having a lot of fun with him. Still, I hope Blizzard gets more content in the game. It definitely seems to "dull out" past a certain point (as Draginol pointed out).

on May 02, 2005
I just dinged 56 last night and watched my GF play Molten Core this weekend, that was freaking insane. Anyways I haven't noticied too much dulling out you guys probably just need to move to a new area, Stranglethorn Vale has at LEAST 20 quests in there alone. Then its onto Hinterlands and then Feralas (this area I would agree is kinda dull but they just added the new instance there) and Tanaris to Un'Goro Crater/Felwood then Winterspring...
I don't believe it thins out, you guys probably just got bored and as for having to group for everything I am still able to solo almost all of my quests. Thats probably due to me being a rogue and able to kill everything so fast though...thats also why I level so fast
on Aug 04, 2005
Lvl 60 rogue Lvl 55 Shaman Lvl 45 Paladin. I realized the main reason this game sucks: IT's the people. And the I said main, because it does suck for other reasons too. Classes are so rigid, people love the shaman class because it's basically most round class, but still whenever you do any instance you need x amount of this class, y amoutn fo that. I mean jesus! And the people make it impossible to get a group together. So indicisive, so bored of this endless treadmill, so disenchanted by the awful pvp expierence. I won't even talk about 40 man raids...