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Hell Yea
Published on August 2, 2005 By iTZKooPA In PC Gaming
I finally got my girlfriend to move into the other room so now we can both play computer games at the sametime (she used to complain that I clicked very loud) and in the first week or so since this happened I have obviously been playing games alot more. Check out all the nice loot I was able to get my hands on!

First I snagged:
Grabbed all my enchating mats I had left and got me the +15agil on it!

Then I took the time to grab/buy/farm for the mats for:
Giving me their kickass set bonus (already had the shoulders for a few weeks). So thanks to me for that.

Then I went on my first Scholomance run and snagged:
While running around in there, didn't get any of the other Shawdowcraft that is in SM but thats supposed to be a hard random drop to get. Dug up the mats I had accumulated since the Felstriker enchant and borrowed some from a guildie and used her services for +9stm.

Lastly and mostly leastly (?) I got a bow upgrade that gave me some extra agility and managed to get to the last part of the MC chain for:
Also picked up the begining of the
Blackhand Chain after stuggling to find an LBRS group for hours.

Now I am well on my way to get:
from Alterac Valley BG (you need to be exalted). Now if I could just start getting lucky on my MC/Onyxia rolls!!!

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