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March 14, 2008 by iTZKooPA
As many of you have heard the HD-format war is in fact dead.  Toshiba announced in late February that they would cease development of HDDVD drives and players after every single movie studio went exclusive to BluRay aside from Universal.  To be honest I did not think that HDDVD had much chance against BluRay.  Although I believe, as a consumer, that HDDVD is the better option, due to its low cost and backwards compatibility, I knew that Toshiba beating Sony was unlikely.  In ...
October 23, 2007 by iTZKooPA
Okay so this maybe a bit odd for many people to see on my blog. Anyone who is here to checkup on my gaming habits and thoughts on the gaming or PC industry should probably bypass this one unless you don't mind going into a bit of risque and taboo ground. I am speaking about the thing industry that made the Internet such an instant success, the pornography industry.

Well first let me give some background on the problem at hand. I recently bought a house, a really old house in Philadelphia t...